10 Rules for Social Media Marketing

10 Rules for Social Media Marketing

  1. Keep it Fresh
    What is working for you today will not necessarily work tomorrow. Those who are willing to engage in your social media campaigns expect appealing content, keep experimenting and reinventing your material and if it doesn’t work, try something else.
  2. You Must Give to Receive
    Become a resource for your followers. If you offer true value, people will want more and will want to get to know you better. Offer free information or products and watch what happens!

  3. Don’t Blindly Repost Articles
    Your followers can see that this is lazy marketing. Share articles when appropriate but as a rule, generating original content is key.
  4. Keep it Simple
    No one wants to read your 5,000 page essay on social media, keep your content simple and fun. A good ratio of text, images, and even videos will keep your followers engaged and interested.

  5. Engage with your Community
    Follow your cities Chamber of Commerce, local businesses and organizations. Engage with THEIR content by commenting and posting and they will engage back. Remember, interest generates interest.

  6. Be Entertaining
    Don’t be afraid to crack a joke and get silly with it. We all like to laugh, and when senior living is involved, some of us need it more than others!
  7.  Keep it Casual
    It’s not a commercial, it’s a conversation. No one likes to be sold to so speak to your audience the way that you would like to be spoken to.
  8. Consistency is Key
    Update your page at regular intervals so your followers know when to look for content. Don’t expect to see results if you aren’t regularly putting forth effort to produce quality content.
  9. It’s More than Just the Numbers
    The number of followers and like you have provide ‘social proof’ that your product is worth looking at, but its not the real goal. The endgame is getting prospects and families through your door so you can form a personal relationship.
  10. Don’t be Afraid to Ask for Help
    Social media marketing companies are your friend! If you aren’t getting results on your own seek out the professionals and reap the benefits of their technological expertise.

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