5 Ways to End Employee Turnover NOW

5 Ways to End Employee Turnover NOW

Employee turnover is every communities greatest hurdle.

High rates of turnover wastes time, money, and places a huge burden on employee moral and resident satisfaction. Our front end staff are the people that our families and residents interact with the most, they are the face of the organization, and too much turnover reflects badly on the operation.

If you aren’t convinced, take a look at how many employees you are replacing throughout the entire year. Now add up hiring and training costs, management time used through the hiring process, and everything else your HR department has to manage when one employee leaves and is replaced. These costs are astronomical and are keeping us from achieving greatness within our communities!

The good news is that there are simple solutions that when consistently applied, can slow down our rate of turnover.

1.  Hire right
Never hire out of desperation, this only adds to the problem, if you need proof, take a look at this article about cutting the chord on bad employees. Take your time even it if means running thin for another week to ensure that you hire someone who is a good fit and intends to stick around long term. Always check references and we ware of hiring friends and family members.

2.  Communicate Until you are Blue in the Face
You should be holding daily meetings with each shift about your expectations, daily happenings, and future goals. Your team needs to know that you are working behind the scenes to make their jobs easier, whether it be campaigning for a new refrigerator in the staff lounge or the status of your hiring efforts. If you expect your team to share their achievements and failures then they should expect the same from you. Solid communication is collaboration.

3.  Praise Progress
No one ever gets tired of being praised, especially when it is in front of their peers. Offer praise for progress, so matter how small or large. A combination of verbal praise and tangible (gift cards, thank you notes, employee of the month) will go a long way in keeping your employees happy and fulfilled.

4.  Listen to your Employees
Your front end staff spend the most time face-to-face with your residents, so when they tell you that there is a problem you better listen. Show your employees that your value and respect their expertise by taking their concerns into consideration and quickly following up.

5. Say ‘Thank You’: Thank your employees every day for coming to work, providing exceptional service, and for being great employees. Never take for granted that someone has chosen to represent and work for your organization. A grateful attitude can make a world of a difference!

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