I Tea, You Tea, We All Scream For High Tea!

I Tea, You Tea, We All Scream For High Tea!

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You may not think that your group of residents would be interested in partaking in a High Tea, but think again! I have implemented this in all of my buildings and it has never been anything short of a blast, for the guys and the gals! Here is what you will need:

Tables set with a tablecloth, napkins, and a small flower arrangement (Depending on how many attendees we have I will set it as one large table for 20 or individual tables of 6)

Matching tea cups and saucers (The best place for ornate and antique tea cups and saucers is your local thrift shop or a garage sale)

Tea Snacks (Petit fours, cucumber sandwiches, scones, etc…)

2 Tea Pots, one for decaf/herbal tea and one for caffeinated (I like to keep a few of those 2-3 liter Thermos’s with a pump handy so I’m not running back and forth for hot water)

Sugar packs, cream, and spoons

That’s all you need! This unique event brings together fun and formal for a social masterpiece. Residents will swap stories, admire their delicate tea cups, and enjoy a light afternoon snack all with little effort or cost. Consider adding this to your event calendar and write back to share your experience with us!

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