The Importance of Men’s Groups in Senior Living

The Importance of Men’s Groups in Senior Living

Let’s face it, the generation of men that we are serving today are used to being the boss

The generation of men that we are serving in our communities are former CEO’s, military professionals, scientists, business owners, and/or heads of their families, so why do we need to cater to them now? We can’t deny that on average,  at least 60% of our residents are female, and with a majority female population our activity schedule probably looks something like this:

10 AM Bingo

11 AM Arts and Crafts

12 PM Music

1 PM Animal Shelter Visits

2 PM Shopping Trip

So what’s the problem? The men hardly come out of their rooms anyways, they would prefer to watch TV and nap! The problem is that these men feel isolated and emasculated. Imagine that your whole life you have been respected, looked up to, relied on, all because of your role as a MAN. Now imagine that suddenly you are old and weak, no one asks you to solve their problems or provide for them, no one looks up to you as a symbol of strength or power. That sudden role reversal might end you into a bit of a depression, does this sound like any of your residents?

We solve this problem by adding Men’s Groups to our community. I have incorporated this into my communities and the effects are astounding! Chances are you have a male aged 30-65 in your management team. What if, once a week that man held a group for the men in your community to gather and give their input on the communities business affairs or talk sports? Chances are, they could give some pretty sage advice! We were even able to get our Men’s Group out on the basketball court to shoot some hoops! These men now had a purpose, a place where they could gather and share their opinions, swap stories, and remember the good days and you wouldn’t believe the effect it had on our Resident Satisfaction Surveys.

Consider adding a Men’s Group to your activities calendar and please write back to tell us how it has worked out!

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