UTI Prevention and Detection

UTI Prevention and Detection

If you don’t already know, Urinary Tract Infections are extremely common within our senior communities

A Urinary Tract Infection occurs when bacteria enters the urinary tract, typically through the urethra, and infects the bladder or kidneys. Nearly all of our seniors will have a UTI at some point in time, especially those who wear briefs or sanitary pads.

Did Mr. Smith seem a little confused at breakfast this morning? Did the always prim and proper Mrs. Liu make a lewd joke at a caregiver? Maybe the ever-steady Mr. Johnson took a tumble on his way to the couch this afternoon? My answer, keep an eye on him and request a urinalysis. Now I know what you are thinking, ‘That is a little extreme isn’t it? We all have our off days!,’ that may be true but in my experience, more than not our steadfast resident is suffering from a UTI.

See, UTI’s don’t always affect seniors the way that they may have in their younger days. Any sudden variation in their behavior or wellbeing can very well be an indication of the onset of a urinary tract infection.

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