Why you Should Make Friends with your Competition

Why you Should Make Friends with your Competition

Senior communities are in a unique position to be social hubs in their local community

And over time, this community building will result in a constant flow of new residents and a very high level of occupancy.

The goal is to be the first place a community member thinks of  when someone needs your level of care.  This might very well even include your competitors because, in truth, from time to time you will have someone come to your community and after getting to know them you will figure out that you are not the best fit but someone else is.

Here is a partial list of people who may want to sell to seniors:

Insurance Companies
Financial Planners
Medical Equipment Providers
Home Care Agencies
Physical Therapists
Funeral Homes

What we are doing is making friends with people in these organizations, then figuring out what their needs are and helping them meet those needs.

For each one it is going to be different and those needs will change over time.  In some cases it will be monthly lunches, in other cases it will be regular phone calls or emails.  Part of the challenge and fun is figuring it all out.

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