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Headquartered in Silicon Valley, Expert Senior Living offers a wide range of business solutions to help you create your best community. We believe that a communities success lies in their heart, our Experts are trained to identify and capitalize on what makes your community great. Call or send us an email for a free consultation and see what Expert Senior Living can do for you.

Research shows that customers make an immediate judgement about your company based on how your website looks. We help businesses craft compelling messages to attract new customers. Our expert web designers and online marketing specialists are here to help you increase revenue and drive traffic.

More than 50 million small businesses use Facebook to connect with their customers and 4 million of those pay for social media advertising on Facebook. Brands must be fully invested in their social media marketing strategies and focus on engagement. Otherwise, you’ll lose out on real customers.

Turn Key Web Design

Today’s consumers are more tech savvy than ever and they are looking at YOUR website. If yours isn’t up to date and running, you are falling behind your competition. We build modern and attractive websites in 2 weeks or less!

 In order to successfully promote and sell your products or services online, you need a digital marketing strategy. But what exactly does that mean? A digital marketing strategy includes marketing research, web design planning, data analytics, content strategy. It’s about making your consumers find your website and want to stay.

We build custom websites and offer digital marketing services to drive traffic and generate leads that engages your target audience. Our bold and beautiful websites are designed to fit your specific needs, timeline, and budget.

  • Web Design
  • Market Research
  • Data Analytics

Social Media Marketing

Do you have a large and engaged social media following? We design brand awareness campaigns to interact with your community and can guarantee 1000 or more new Facebook followers!

Social Media Marketing allows you to reach the right people at the right time with the right content on the right platform. We can make this happen!

We focus on tested and proven methodologies, as well as goal-focused strategies, to drive quality content to your target audience. Social Media Marketing does not consist of haphazardly posting on various platforms hoping to reach the ideal customer.

Instead, it is a unique, integrated approach that is developed to reach each client’s specific goals. Through our full-service social media marketing strategies, we build engagement and brand loyalty.

  • Guaranteed Social Media Following
  • Engaging Content
  • Data Analytics

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