How’s your On-boarding Process?

How’s your On-boarding Process?

We all agree that sales are king, but what about what comes after a move in?

Are you on-boarding your resident or leaving them to figure out the lay of the land by themselves? Even my most successful buildings lacked a proper On-boarding Process, losing residents here and there because they didn’t feel welcomed or comfortable in their new home.

Put yourself in their shoes, you’ve spent the last 40 years of your life living independently in the same home and now you are being asked to share an unfamiliar space with strangers! That is why having a great on-boarding process is key. A successful on-boarding process should include a heartfelt welcome from a team member from each of your departments, preferably the manager, and should last for no shorter than 3 months. The goal is for each resident to gain a personal relationship with someone from each department who can assure that resident that all of their needs will be taken are of because they are cared for. That’s what we are really here for, right?

When you break it down, most of our needy residents are crying out to let us know that they have a need or concern that is not being addressed properly. So let’s cut that off at the pass and start out on the right foot by assuring our residents from the get go that there is always a familiar face that is ready and willing to help. Our residents crave familiarity in an unfamiliar setting, so if you don’t already have one, set up an On-Boarding process and guide your residents through this monumental life transition. I guarantee that you will find that your residents are more relaxed and your family members more at ease.

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