Post Move-In Marketing: How and Why?

Post Move-In Marketing: How and Why?

Your residents chose your community partly due to how much attention and effort you put into selling to them, so why would we stop after they move in?

Just like in any relationship, we still need to continue ‘wooing’ our partner, or else they may fall out of love with us.

Continuing to ‘sell’ to your existing residents does not need to come at great cost or effort. Here are a few simple things that you can add to the daily processes in your community.

Signed Posters to Residents who are Out of The Community:
If you aren’t already, you should be regularly visiting residents who are in the hospital/SNF. Prior to your first visit, I recommend setting up a poster signing, I like to place the poster on an easel outside of the dining room for a few days, where residents can sign “We Miss You” and “Come Back Soon” messages to their friends. Be careful to not share the residents location or health status, which would violate a resident’s privacy! The poster should include your companies name and logo, contact information, and have the residents name written in bold letters.

Posters are very inexpensive and can be purchased in bulk on sites like Vistaprint, be sure to check for coupons as well! Hire a designer to design the poster to ensure that your company is being represented with quality work. Local graphic designers, university students, or designers-for-hire on sites like Fiverr are great resources to get this done.

Provide Free Post Cards with Address Labels:
Whether you supply new residents with a stack of branded post cards and address labels or keep note cards on hand for all residents, this can be a great way to help your residents market for you!

These post cards should include either a design with your company logo and contact info or a high quality photo of your community. Supplying residents with branded post cards allows them to spread your company’s word to their family and friends.

Thank Them for Being in Your Life:
Keep track of your resident’s move-in dates and send them an ‘Anniversary’ gift. This could be once every year with an additional 6 month-aversary for their first year. Send them a card, gift basket, free service at your local salon, or anything else that you know your residents enjoy.

Most importantly, keep your team in the mindset that we need to continue to ‘woo’ your residents and provide them with individual attention so they know that they are appreciated and cared for. A little extra effort separates the good communities from the spectacular ones!


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